Shipping 2022: Ecuador chapter written by Leonidas Villagran

Shipping 2023: Ecuador chapter written by Leonidas Villagran

VL attorneys Magazine, June 2020

VL attorneys Gazette, August 2018

Revista VL abogados, Agosto 2018

SAS Corporations in the Ecuador Arena

The roots of Maritime Law in Ecuador

Ecuador: International sources of Shipping law

Builders’ Risks and Marine Insurance

Prescription in Marine Collision Law in Ecuador

Documentary Credit in International Trade

Freedom of Contract in International Carriage Contracts. What about Ecuador?

International Sales: Standard Forms and Incoterms

Commercial Dispute Resolution: The International Approach

Liability Cover in Marine Insurance: P&I Perspective

Basic Information regarding the Process of a
Trademark Registration in Ecuador

London and Nordic marine insurance

London and Nordic Marine Insurance Markets

Liabilities in Maritime Law: A case and comparative approach with Ecuador

Dissertation: Ecuador, marine collision law and prescription

Resident Visas Ecuador

The UK Insurance Act 2015: The Shift in Marine Insurance Warranties Regime

Goods on Deck – Ecuador

Overview of maritime law in Ecuador

Causation in Maritime Insurance: The Cendor MOPU

Marine Collision Law in Ecuador

Civil Law and Common Law

The Constitution of Ecuador, 2008

Setting up a corporation in Ecuador

Maritime Law: Collision Law and Its Development in Latin America

Extinctive Prescription, characteristics

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